Should I Stop Recruiting Because of COVID-19?

Earlier in the year, when businesses were making their plans for growth, expansion, development or change, nobody could have predicted the way that 2020 has turned out. A global pandemic, the country predicted to go into a recession, the economy impacted on a scale not seen in living history.

For many this has meant a freeze on recruitment, as businesses try to reduce costs in order to manage this economic impact – but is that the right choice, or could you be doing your organisation more harm than good?

The Market Is Ready

We know that stopping your recruitment could be the worst choice at a time when you need the best tools available to succeed in a challenging market. Your people are the best tool that any organisation can invest in, especially in a market led by health and safety and legislation.

With the Government announcing significant investments in UK infrastructure and capital projects - the potential growth in key areas such as fire and security alongside the lift and escalator sector could spell a very quick bounce back.

 We know that seeking expert support in recruitment can help you to identify and attract the cream of the crop and impact the future of your business in ways you may never have considered.

 Although your business may have been impacted by COVID-19 and you may not be able to grow on the scale that you had planned, ignoring the opportunities of recruitment altogether could limit the potential of your team. It may prevent you from capitalising on investments being made by The Government in UK infrastructure and capital projects. 

The Talent Pool Has Increased

With so many people ‘furloughed’ from their usual roles and unable to work, more people than ever are browsing the job market and testing the waters for potential new directions. They are taking this ‘pause’ in their status quo to consider their career and itching to leap into new challenges – which may be just the attitude your organisation could benefit from. 

Actively recruiting instils confidence with your existing customers and your potential market. With so many businesses under threat, openly seeking to grow and expand on the skills and experience within your workforce show that you are planning ahead, embracing the challenges of the current environment and taking positive steps to not only survive but to thrive beyond the period of lockdown and the dip in the economy.

If your plan is to ‘wait for the worst to pass’ you reduce your chances of having the pick of the best candidates in the market and scrabbling to try to fill roles in a rapidly moving environment as the world takes great leaps forward in response to sweeping changes which will see every business adapt.

If, however, you focus on hiring talent with the experience, skills and drive to push projects forward, your proactive approach positions you as a forerunner, ready to support the infrastructure investments from The Government and the changing needs of the UK population.

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