Re-occupancy of Clients

As the UK continues to reduce the restrictions around Covid-19, and announcements are coming that more leisure environments are allowed to re-open, people are beginning to see a more ‘normal’ environment and looking to get back to activities they’ve missed. This means that people who have been furloughed or out of work in these environments are also beginning to return, and creating plans for ensuring the re-opening is managed as safely as possible, to protect public health and be certain that the environment remains Coronavirus free, for those who work there and for visitors using the space.

Though in many places there were ‘key workers’ maintaining at least some presence, in others the building is being used for the first time in weeks, and those who did have people present throughout the pandemic seem to have put their usual maintenance activities on hold.

The re-opening is great news for the economy – but it means that these maintenance and inspection activities must be carried out with some urgency. Industries such as fire and security, lift and escalator and maintenance businesses and those who fit and maintain door and loading bay systems, will be under extreme pressure to carry out those tasks quickly, ready for re-opening to employees and customers. This could mean that businesses in those areas have an urgent requirement for significantly more staff – bringing furloughed team members back on board, adjusting to meet the health and safety needs of the environment, and very likely needing to bring additional employees on board, both temporary and permanent, to meet the increased needs without taking any risks.

Predicting this increase, many of these businesses have already taken steps to begin recruitment for these additional team members – but, in a market flooded with people out of work, and an economy significantly impacted by the pandemic, it can be hard to find the right people. We are seeing a huge increase in the number of applications for every role, which means that it’s more time consuming and challenging than ever to filter these applications and find the best potential employees to meet for an interview, and more care needs to be taken to create job descriptions and listings which appeal to the right audience, and are easy to apply for in a noisy job market.

Standing out from the competition, and ensuring that your job opening is attracting the best candidates, with the right skills, can be challenging – but luckily, it’s where we have honed our expertise, and can bring you the people you need, at a price that suits your recruitment budget. 

Don’t waste time and resources on cumbersome recruitment; in a niche industry, and in a time when health and safety are at the forefront of your professional plans; let us do the hard work so that you can concentrate on meeting your client’s needs in the face of extremely challenging environments. 

We are working hard to support the recruitment needs we predict are coming, and already have a huge network of specifically chosen jobseekers looking for roles in our specialised areas of recruitment; with access to this network, we can put the right people into position quickly, meaning that you can jump into action.

Call us on 01509 615290 to find out more, or email admin@centogroup.com with details about your open roles, and let us get you the team you need.

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