Cento Evolve – Here to Turn Recruitment on Its Head

In the current market how do companies stay competitive when it comes to hiring? At Cento we have taken what we see as the typical recruitment process and turned it on its head. Delivering our clients, a way to approach recruitment from an ‘in house/outsourced’ solution that can position them in the best place for attracting and approaching the best talent. Say goodbye to the typical recruiting process!

The benefits of Evolve

  • Dedicated team - Working exclusively to build you a constant talent pool of both on and in market candidates.
  • 100% guaranteed hire - Never leave a role unfulfilled, the dedicated team work tirelessly to fill your roles.
  • Reducing costs to hire - No spiralling costs allowing you to budget.
  • Candidate profiling - Psychometric profiling, vocational testing and screen by video candidates, reducing interview to hire ratios.
  • Client branding - Branded recruitment microsite, ads, social media, role packs and more, giving you that competitive edge.
  • Improved retention - No more retention problems, but worst-case, rest assured of a replacement without additional costs!

Call the team for a chat today on 01509 615 290 or email us on admin@centogroup.com.

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