Brexit in the 2021 Recruitment Industry

I can’t wait for 2020 to be over” is a phrase we’ve been hearing from every direction in the last few weeks – and though we can’t help but feel the same way about putting 2020 behind us, we know that 2021 is going to have a challenging start – now with Brexit officially upon us, plus the present storm which is Covid-19, we’re not entirely sure which direction the economy will be going.

With a country already struggling in the wake of an ongoing global pandemic, which has seen so many businesses close their doors, unemployment rising to staggering numbers, and many industries still unable to re-open as tiered guidelines and a looming lockdown limit the nation, we are seeing a huge change in the world of recruitment.

We already have a skills shortage gap, and now with the surplus of jobseekers on the market looking for opportunities, those recruiting are having to try harder than ever to appeal to the best talent. But with Brexit breathing down our neck and the restrictions it brings to EU travel, we have already seen that those with the talent are limited, as recruitment across the EU has to change. Without the freedom of movement that has made the UK such a rich blend of cultures and skill and given our business markets opportunities to work with so many different experienced and well-educated experts, businesses are already seeing limited applications for key roles.

Without knowing precisely what to expect from Brexit, it’s very difficult to plan for the future, and it’s even more difficult to promise potential employees a smooth journey through their employment with you; we don’t know what changes and costs that Brexit will bring – just that it’s bringing a lot of both – and now that the final deal has been hammered out, we have no choice but to wait and see how we progress. 

One thing we absolutely do know is that halting your recruitment in times of uncertainty is counterproductive. The best protection against any risk is to invest in the best of the best, and to bring excellence, expertise and talent on board to help guide you through any coming challenges. We know it’s a concerning time – which is why we have our finger on the pulse of every stream of information, keeping up to date with any changes and information so that we can support our recruitment clients and help them to find the most perfect new members for teams who need a boost, after a very difficult year. 

If this is you, and your organisation are looking for new talent to take you through these coming challenges, we can help; give us a call today on 01509 615 290 to find out more. 

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