How to Rise in the Escalator and Lift Industry

One of the best things about specialising in a niche industry – as a lift or escalator engineer, for example – is that you can quickly rise through the ranks and build a very successful career.


We work with clients globally in this specific industry, and with years of experience and insight we have some great tips to help you work your way up, and escalate the chances of securing your dream job.



In the past it wasn’t compulsory to have a qualification; entering the industry and climbing the ranks was a matter of hands-on experience. These days roles tend to require an NVQ level 3 for new opportunities. Luckily, many employers will fund this qualification – and you can earn it on the job, so if you get the opportunity to do so, the NVQ will boost your chances of securing a new role.

What you know and who you know

No matter how excellent your workmanship might be, reputation is key – especially in such a niche industry. Everyone knows everyone, so the best way to get ahead is to build the right reputation. If you cut corners or your work is slapdash, word will get out. If, however, you focus on being reliable, dependable and keep the safety of colleagues and clients in mind your name will be shared in the right places.


Lift and escalator engineers can’t always expect predicable working hours; breakdowns and emergencies are a 24/7 concern, so be open to flexible working, on call and overtime. If you can be relied on to show up in the moment of need, and to do so with a high standard of work no matter what hour, you’ll get ahead. The engineer who turns up, helps out and puts a smile on your face is the one customers recommend, and employers promote.

Always be ready to learn

Technology is always developing, and there are new skills that engineers need to pick up no matter how long they’ve been in the job. Long experience and expertise is always a plus, but a willingness to embrace new skills and expand your knowledge will keep you at the top of your professional game. If you get the chance to add new skills and attend training courses, jump at them!

Bring the right attitude to work

Whether you’re chatting with colleagues or sharing technical information with a customer it’s equally important to have a positive attitude, and be professional. Let any emergencies or technical issues be a fresh challenge, rather than a disaster, and look at things in a positive light. That positivity will reassure your client, as well as encouraging your colleagues to respond in the same way. A positive worksite is a productive worksite, and you’ll be the name that comes to mind when any issues arise in the future. 

Be vocal about your ambitions, and work with the experts

Your employers might not know you’re looking to take the next step up – so be sure to openly discuss your career ambitions. That way, when an opportunity arises, you will already be in mind and more likely to be selected.

If you need to broaden your horizons, the best tool in your kit is another expert. One who works in recruitment in your industry, and who has a global network of trusted employers, engineers and previous clients and can guide you to the best new roles.

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