Why Brand Engagement is Key to Attract and Keep Loyal Staff Who Work Harder

If you're serious about building a high-performance culture and a strong competitive position within your marketplace, then brand engagement is key.

If you've not yet come across this term, then it's vital to understand that brand engagement is as important to your employees as it is to your customers. Why? Because your brand is the distinct and unique qualities that make you stand out - and which promise a certain set of experiences. These experiences are also promised to people who may be interested in working for you.

If your brand can communicate that you are an 'employee of choice', you will naturally appeal to the best people in the jobs market - those who are natural high-performers and who will thrive in your business - adding real bottom-line value and taking your company forwards.

Think about the cost involved in recruiting, selecting, onboarding and training your staff and you know how important it is to get great people through your door - and to keep them there. Think too of the costs of bad hires - all of those original costs, plus the costs and time of managing poor performers out of the business when all other routes have failed.

This isn't only expensive and time-consuming, but it represents an opportunity cost of a good hire, damage to your reputation as an employer, and a loss of morale amongst your existing staff. High turnover makes employees worry and feel that they should be looking for a new job somewhere else too!

Brand engagement - and employer branding - can be a complex field that needs to be carefully understood before an employee engagement strategy can be crafted. It begins with defining your brand values and attributes and then devising targeted and segmented communications plans that share your values in a meaningful way with your target audience - in this case, talented individuals looking for a new job.

A talent solutions provider can help you with this, by supporting your business with expert recruiting strategies to make your recruiting more successful. This ranges from brand consultancy and values definition through to recruitment messaging, recruitment platform development, trusted employer brand proposition development and those all-important recruitment and selection activities.

A trustworthy recruitment consultancy can make all the difference to your bottom line by taking on the activities that your in-house team cannot - that is, if you even have a dedicated in-house recruiting team. What's more, they offer access to the recruiting services that you need on a flexible, bespoke basis, offering you a cost-effective model for accessing valuable services and skills when you need them and then seeing the evidence of ROI in the evaluation provided.

If your goals mandate hiring talent to take your business forward, trust a professional talent partner to deliver what you need.

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