Why you should follow the same formal process for senior hires

Some businesses think that, for senior hires, the typical recruiting process can be ignored and that an informal conversation is sufficient to find the right person. The 'old way' of doing things would say that the sheer experience that a potential senior hire possesses can a) be established accurately over a coffee, and b) vouch for the degree of their technical knowledge and corporate/cultural fit.

The reality is that, whilst a senior-level interview should be conducted in a more personal and creative way - potentially - it must always be more than a casual chat.

Hiring senior executives will always be twice as challenging as hiring at other levels. When recruiting senior-level executives into your business, you will be fighting the double challenge of finding the best possible candidate and hiring a top performer.

It is absolutely not a good idea to rush through the process or to informalise the hiring process so that it rests upon individual, unstructured and informal chats over drinks or lunch. Instead, the process needs to be optimised, structured, and well thought out in order to find the best talent that there is in the market.

Tips for making a good senior hire

Show discretion

For senior recruitment, be very discreet when contacting potential candidates about your opportunity. Trust is vital here, so use the most private means of contact and be respectful of privacy.

Provide detail

When it comes to hiring talent, someone working at a senior level will expect detailed, tailored information and precise data about the role that you are offering. Again, respect their time and provide as much insight and context as you can.

Use your network

Your personal and business network will be invaluable, so use it. Reach out, use an executive search recruiter, be active in nurturing potential contacts. You need to stay on this in order to access the right people. Simply putting an ad out there and expecting a talented individual to see it won't work.

Think EI

Emotional Intelligence is vital for senior roles. So for effective executive hiring, you must have someone who will fit culturally into the organisation and have the right soft skills, personality, values and so forth in order to fit in and support your own mission, purpose, goals and values.

Partnering with Cento

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Our purpose is to transform the world of talent hiring for the better. Already, our intelligent resource solutions are recognised on a national basis as offering the most valuable permanent and contract executive hire services in the industries that we serve.

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