7 advantageous social media tips you need to know

7 advantageous social media tips you need to know 

With everyone active in the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, you have an online reputation that follows you wherever you go and one that could unfortunately be detrimental to your professional reputation.

So managing how you come across on Social Media is increasingly important, especially if you are actively searching for a new role in the job market.

You should always keep your language and tone professional. You shouldn't post anything online that you wouldn't be comfortable sharing with your employer.

Here are some Social Media Tips for job seekers:

1. Keep your private life, private. If you're using your Social Media page as a professional networking tool, then adding industry contacts is important. However, if it is a way to keep updated with friends and family, and publicising your social life, then you may wish to consider creating another account for professional purposes.

2. Choose a profile photo that reflects the professional and sensible side of you, not a photo that reflects your crazy side on a Saturday night…especially on LinkedIn.

3. Be very picky about what you share and think carefully about your privacy settings. If you do not wish for a potential employer to see your posts and feed, then ensure your profile is kept private.

4. Use Social Media effectively to learn about companies and individuals. This can help with background research prior to an interview, or you can connect and interact with influencers who work in the industry that you'd like to get into. This shows that you are engaging with relevant people within your sector.

5. Companies often use Social Media to advertise their vacancies, so it's worth keeping an eye out for job updates.

6. Tailor your content and personal profile to showcase your credentials and skills... especially on LinkedIn. Use your profile to let people know that you are looking for a new opportunity

7. Don't speak negatively about your current, or past employers. Never turn to Social Media to vent about your bad day at work. You don't know who might see this, and it could put a potential employer off hiring you.

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