5 essential points to mention in an interview

5 essential points to mention in an interview

1. “I read about this on your website and I have a couple of questions…”

Not only does it show that you prepared yourself for the interview, but it will open conversation and show that you express an interest in their company.

Doing the research is vital! It will give you a good understanding of what the company does, what industry they sit in, their core values and an idea of who the key players are in their current team. Also, make sure you are familiar with the products/services they are involved in.

2. “I will tell you about a time that I solved a problem”

Even if the question hasn’t been asked, be sure to use your own initiative to say more about yourself and sell your previous experiences, as it will highlight the value you would bring to the company, if you were to be hired for the position.

Always make sure that the story or previous experience you have used relates to the role you are being interviewed for.

3. “I am flexible”

Employers love people who are flexible and have an open availability, it can show that they can count on you to be there when they need you.

Still be honest; You want to demonstrate that you are flexible and willing to serve the company in whatever way they need. Don’t lie about your availability. If there are certain weekdays or shifts you know you absolutely cannot do, say so. If you lie now, it will only hurt your chances of getting and keeping the job later.

4. “Can you clarify?”

A common mistake in interviews, is people not answering the question they are asked. This is mainly due to the interview being stressful making it difficult to maintain a high level of concentration

Most candidates are too shy or afraid to ask such questions, due to them believing its rude to question the person who is supposed to ask questions.

There might be just a word you have not understood or the interviewer has asked an unclear question. If this is the case, you can easily clarify by using some of these phrases:

“I didn’t fully understand the question; would you mind repeating it for me?”

“Just so I am clear, you would like to know…”

“Could you repeat the question, please?”

5. “Thank you for your time”

A quick and easy thank you can go a long way, especially when you are looking to be hired.

Saying thank you can add a positive impression to an already successful interview.

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