3 effortless ways to ace an interview

3 effortless ways to ace an interview

1. Asking the Right Questions

“Do you have any questions?” Is inevitable in an interview. However surprisingly not many prepare themselves for this situation.

Give yourself the upper hand and put the interviewer in the hot seat, however make sure you are extremely confident and don’t ask the boring and generic questions. Alternatively, get creative and show that you’ve invested enough thought into the question.

For instance:

“How will you measure the progress of the person in this role?”

“How did you get into this industry”

“If I interviewed with a competitor and I asked them how would they describe yourselves, what would they say?”

2. Eye Contact

A big factor in how well you interview is your nonverbal communication. That includes your posture, your body language and, perhaps most important, your eye contact. Appropriate eye contact speaks to confidence and self-esteem -- important assets in any good employee.

Maintain eye contact as you listen to the questions your interviewer asks. If you look away, it may appear as though you are inattentive or uninterested. This is a very quick way to turn your interviewer against you. Match your attentive eye contact with an appropriate facial expression. Convey interested attention with an open, positive expression.

3. Portray Confidence

Appearance plays a big role in winning a job. Give yourself the best chance possible by dressing immaculately. Remember to smile and firmly shake hands when introducing yourself to every member of the panel, including the scribe. Above all else, behave as though you are the person for the job.

Winning a job takes time, dedication and perseverance. To give yourself the best chance possible, do not assume that your interviewer knows the true value you can bring to their organisation. If you have been offered an interview, they have read your application and can see your potential: now it is up to you to convince them that this potential can be realised.

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