5 proven ways to stand out from the crowd

5 proven ways to stand out from the crowd

Prepare Questions

There will always be opportunity for Q&A during a group interview. This is your chance to make a great impression so ensure you're prepared.

Just like you would in a traditional interview, spend a considerable amount of time researching the business and design questions based on that research.

If the interviewer mentions something interesting that you’ve already read online – let them know! Ask a question that enables you to illustrate the amount of work you’ve done and how much you want the job. Don’t be embarrassed to speak up because if you don’t, somebody else will.

Be Positive

Just because you’re listing facts doesn’t mean you can’t make them sound pretty. Use positive language in all instances to give the employer an upbeat positive attitude when they’re done reading your resume. These ostensibly little differences in the choice of words can have a major impact on how your resume is perceived.

Make sure your online resume is dressed to impress and “speaks” loud and clear. Above all, don’t miss out on being found online! Use as many resources as you can to ensure that your resume stands out and get noticed online.

Use Keywords in Resume

Recruiters and company resume databases search for resumes using keywords. Think of it as like the way you’d search for a restaurant on Google; you enter your key criteria for a place to eat, right? If your resume doesn’t have those keywords embedded, it won’t be included in the results. It’s crucial to identify the right terminology in the industry you’re applying for. Take time to research the company, look at the job requirements and highlight all the keywords and key phrases. Don’t get too crazy with the keywords, though. Just put enough to help employers find you faster. Remember this equation: Excellent Resume + Keywords = Job Opportunities.

Business Cards

You may think that business cards are out-dated because we are in a digital era. Well, not really. Business cards are still the currency of business relationships. Some colleges even offer free or deeply discounted business cards to students. Even if yours doesn’t, you can get one done and printed at a very low cost.

Business cards are great for networking and don’t ever underestimate the value of your industry contacts when on the hunt for a career opportunity! Make sure you attend networking or industry events when you can and distribute your business cards to those who you would like to stay in contact with.

Make sure that you list any social media accounts that you have on there, as well as an email address/ phone number, so people are free to connect with you in whichever way they feel fit.

Body Language

Group interviews are all about illustrating your social skills. It’s important you don’t forget about your body language – you need to remain open and confident without looking and sounding too overbearing and bossy.

Remember that your potential employer is looking for leadership qualities so it’s imperative you’re not sitting cross armed and looking agitated.

A lot of candidates tend to underestimate the significance of body language. If you’re feeling nervous, it’s natural that you automatically retreat but this is so uninviting and gives the impression that you’re not really interested about the job in question.

Be positive and confident and your body will follow suit.

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