New You before the New Year

Why should you start your job search before the New Year?


Most people wrongly assume that companies put a hold on the recruitment process over the run up to Christmas and don’t start employing people until after the New Year. This simply isn’t true; this time of year, is the perfect time to carry on your job search and start pursuing interviews, read until the end and you will see why…


Less Competition

In December there is less competition as the majority of jobseekers will pause their search during December, and re-start searching in the January. If a role needs filling, employers don’t stop searching just because Christmas is around the corner. With fewer people applying, you have more of a chance of getting through the interview stage.


Stand out from the rest

The fact you are dedicating time during the festive period to job searching and perfecting your CV is sure to impress recruiters and employers. It shows you’re dedicated and serious about a new career and makes you stand out from the rest.


Avoid the New Year panic

You can avoid the usual ‘New Year, New Me’ panic if you keep going and maintain your job search during the festive season. The New Year always pressures people to start afresh, so starting to think about a new career before the New Year will keep you ahead of all other job seekers.


Relaxing Christmas

You may be working hard to secure as many job interviews as possible right up until December 25, but if you are successful, you will be able to relax during your time off, instead of feeling stressed about starting your job search in the New Year.



It is important to make sure that you enjoy the Christmas break and by starting your job search early it means that you can truly relax during this time.



We advertise new positions daily on our website & social media even throughout December.


If you would like some guidance with your job search, call one of our consultants now on 01509 615290 and let them help you find the ‘New You before the New Year’.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all at Cento.

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