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Cento provides a range of recruitment solutions for the supply of both temporary and permanent staff. We communicate with our clients to fully understand and identify their needs and requirements to enable us to offer the best recruitment solutions. The clients we work with often state that we not only meet their recruitment needs in a timely and cost effective way, but exceed expectations in getting the right people into their organisation.


Cento has been providing temporary workers to our clients since 2008. We understand that our clients require experienced individuals at short notice and we have the capability to provide temporary workers for a varied length of time, whether this is a week or several months. With our extensive database of both permanent and temporary staff, we are able to meet our client’s requirements. Our clients work on projects at various stages from engineering through to design, or management of construction sites and we will provide committed individuals who will see the project through until the end.


We have built a comprehensive database with a large volume of permanent staff. Their levels of experience will vary with each individual but they all are relevant to the specific industries. Our clients always require a balance of temporary workers and permanent staff as workloads will fluctuate at various times so we are able to provide a service that covers both short term and long term objectives concurrently.


Cento provides complete RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services for our clients. Our specialist consultants will review the entire recruitment process, identifying areas that need attention and propose a solution that will achieve the results that our clients want both immediately and in the future. We aim to increase the quality of the candidate pool and the time to hire, while reducing cost and improving the compliance procedure by offering innovative solutions that will complement our clients’ corporate strategy. Our knowledge of the markets combined with the ability to hold technical conversations with hiring managers will undoubtedly ensure that our service stands out above the rest.


We provide an executive search and selection service for board level and management positions. Hiring individuals who will lead our clients business is always a very difficult task and we aim to help with this process in a precise and confidential way. Our specialist team will work with our clients to identify their specific needs, we will then shortlist potential candidates who match the criteria and discreetly discuss the opportunity in a diligent manner.


We are also able to offer bespoke recruitment solutions. As each client will operate in a different way, we understand that they may not require all of the services that we offer, so we will gather information on what they require and then tailor our service to their needs accordingly.