5 key things you need to update before applying to your next role

So you feel that it's time to move on from your current role, and, at this stage of your career, making the right choices is vital if you want to ensure your long-term objectives are met. Rather than simply taking the next opportunity that could be right for the next couple of years, as you reach a more senior level, the focus tends to move to reflect the overall journey that you see yourself taking over the course of your career. This means that if you hope to be in the strongest possible position to move forward, you may need to update the following five key areas.

1. Your Expectations

The first thing that you need to review is your own expectations. Now is the time to consider not only what you want to gain from your career progression in terms of new skills and experience, but also what kind of salary or benefits would be necessary for you to take the next step. If you work in a fast-moving industry or sector, it's worth spending some time investigating what a realistic going rate would be for a role on the next rung of the ladder, together with any perks that you should be likely to expect, such as stock options. Knowing this will put you in a stronger position when it comes to negotiating your overall package.

2. Your CV

This one is obvious but routinely rushed. After all, your time spent in your current role will have expanded your skills and experience considerably, and it makes sense to highlight this in your CV. You'll of course need to tailor your resume and cover letter for each position for which you apply and hone its contents to best reflect what the opportunity requires. Even at senior level, keeping things short and sweet is the best approach, and include the most relevant information at the start of the document, particularly any quantifiable results you've delivered for your current and previous employers.

3. Your Socials

These days, keeping a valuable social media profile is integral to developing a professional reputation. For work-related accounts, such as LinkedIn, you may decide to update your information to reflect that you're looking for a new opportunity if it's appropriate to go public at this stage. In all cases, use the space to highlight your experience and qualities. And for your personal accounts, review your privacy settings and be sure to remove any content that could potentially detract from the professional image you want to project.

4. Your Availability

Now's the time to reach out to recruitment consultants, who can match you with the ideal opportunities. It makes sense to choose a reputable firm with a specialism in your sector or industry who will be able to translate your aspirations and expectations into the perfect company and role for you. 

5. Your Appearance

Start thinking ahead as to how you plan to make an impression at the interview. Invest in a fresh haircut and take a good look at your work gear. Find some things that could do with an upgrade and ditch anything looking tired or shabby. Doing this now will mean that you’re prepared for any short-notice interviews, removing any stress about your appearance.

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