5 Steps To Take Today To Improve Your Company Branding And Attract Better Talent

In this digital era, traditional resourcing methods are rapidly being replaced by more modern techniques and in order for businesses to be successful in their recruitment campaigns, they need to look at their branding. Branding is not simply about promoting your vision statement - it is developing your identity and reputation in order to attract and retain high-quality talent that will help your business to evolve and continually improve.


In order to do this, it is important that you:


  1. Evaluate your company's existing branding and identify changes needed to reflect your current company story


Your branding refers to your company's identity and reputation as perceived by job hunters. The most significant element of this is your business culture and you can find out how your culture is perceived by canvassing your existing team.


Seeking their opinions on their experience of working with you will enable you to understand what you may need to change in order to make working in your business a more attractive proposition to others.


  1. Create a strong social media presence for your company.


Most job seekers start their search online, and whereas before they would be satisfied responding to a job advert which detailed the role and responsibilities, now there is a far greater emphasis on what a company can offer them. For this reason, they undertake considerably more research.


By understanding this, you can target the communications that you put online to make your firm as appealing as possible to potential employees. This includes the use of targeted and high-quality blog posts and engaging social media updates, as well as ensuring that your company website is user-friendly and informative.


Your aim is to promote a positive employer image through all available digital media.


  1. Develop an attractive and user-friendly website with a clear message.


Your company website should be user-friendly, easy to navigate and informative. It should reflect your values and be regularly updated. Trawling through out-of-date information or encountering 404 error pages is off-putting for potential employees who will soon lose confidence in your company's ability to deliver quality output.


  1. Invest in employee training and continuous development programs.


Your existing staff are your most important brand ambassadors. They are the ones who can amplify to others just why your business is such a great place to work. By investing in their careers and helping them to progress, you not only retain your best people but they can support you in promoting a positive brand image by sharing their own success stories.


  1. Foster and invest in company culture.


The employee value proposition that you can offer is more important now than ever before. Potential candidates care not only about the salary that they will receive but about the lifestyle that they will be able to pursue if they work for you. They care about the quality and condition of your business facilities, the opportunities for progression, a supportive environment and a comfortable work-life balance.


Understanding what is important to your employees will enable you to tailor your offering to attract the right talent by promoting the best of your offering.


If you need help in understanding or refining your company branding, Cento Recruitment can help. We are a specialist talent resourcing organisation with a deep understanding of the building services market (BSM), including all elements of information and communications technology.


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