Make Your CV Stand Out with These 5 Tips

At Cento, we're experts in recruiting in the Building Services Industry and we know just how challenging it is to create that 'perfect' CV at various stages of one career path. For example, when you create an executive CV, you're attempting to condense a wealth of experience, know-how, skills, and successes gained throughout your entire career into a short and concise piece that manages to influence, persuade, compel... and stand out for all the right reasons.

Understanding the CV differences from entry to executive level

The main difference when you create a CV at the executive level is that you need to demonstrate your strategic awareness of the bigger picture across the entire organisation. At entry-level, you need only display your understanding of your role and value-add.

So to correctly position your CV for those executive hire high-level roles, you will want to ensure that it communicates your abilities with leadership, strategy and change.

Five steps to success

1. Perfect your personal statement
Make sure you have a strong personal statement that really draws in the reader and has employers desperate to get you in for an interview before they read any further.

2. Flag up the big things
Highlight your key contributions to show how you deliver and add value to your organisation. Make sure you quantify these statements with specifics and powerful outcomes, such as 'achieved 20% sales increase in 3 months as a result of X and Y'. Keep your choices relevant, impactful and recent.

3. Showcase your network
Demonstrate your ability to make connections to show the power of your network and ability to engage with others. Great networkers are invariably great communicators and adept at engaging and building connections with others - something that all employers want to see. This will show your ability to become part of the company culture in a positive, supportive way.

4. Think language
Use power words, accepting that AI and CV filtering bots exist to automatically filter out CVs without the right language and terminology. Think about words such as 'achieved', 'delivered', 'implemented', 'innovated', 'improved' and so forth. For relevant terminology and jargon, refer to the job description and advertisement and use similar language to ensure you have the right connection and fit.

5. Demonstrate insight
Show industry insight that demonstrates your keen understanding and awareness of what is happening in the industry, in the market and in the surrounding business environment. Remember, context is key and the more you can show that you really understand the issues that affect the business, the more you evidence your own power and value. More than just recruitment

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