What Job Perks Should I Expect Post Covid?

Job seekers and employees are likely wondering what job perks they can expect in the post-Covid world. While many companies have been forced to reduce their benefits packages, some employers are still offering nice perks to attract and keep top talent. Here we discuss job perks that you may be able to expect in the post-Covid world.


There are plenty of benefits that you should reasonably expect at all career levels. In an executive role you will typically receive a higher salary, a more attractive pension scheme and more responsibility than a junior staff member might. You are also likely to be trusted to work independently with minimal oversight and to represent your organisation at meetings with contractors and suppliers. Previously, this might have been in person at your own or external company facilities but BSM professionals now frequently manage these meetings virtually, allowing more time to concentrate on the day-to-day business with the benefit of reduced or eliminated travel.


The growing uptake of technological advances should mean that your post-Covid work-life balance is better now than it was pre-Covid, so if you are not benefiting from these perks, perhaps it is time to consider either re-negotiating your contract or seeking opportunities elsewhere. You may wish to request a new working pattern, such as compressed hours where you complete your contracted hours within a shorter working week (for example, in four days instead of five) or flexible working where extra hours worked will be substituted for time off in lieu at a time to suit you.


You could even ask to work from home full time, with office visits only in exceptional circumstances. It is important to determine what you need in order to maintain a positive career trajectory whilst managing your mental health and balancing a challenging workload with sufficient downtime.


The best way to discuss your requests for changes to your contract is in writing to your manager - make it clear what changes you would like and the reasons behind them. You will need to persuade your manager that agreeing to these changes will not affect your ability to continue to do your job to at least the same level.


You will need to detail how you plan to keep in touch, manage your staff and ensure that deadlines and quality targets are met. In formulating your requests in writing, you not only have the opportunity to ensure that what you are asking for is reasonable and makes sense but the written exchange also provides an audit trail, should it later be required.


Following your written request, you may be asked to attend a face-to-face meeting with your manager and somebody from HR to further clarify the details of the changes you are seeking. If this meeting is offered, you are well-advised to accept - refusing to meet with HR may hinder your case or may provide internal justification for rejection.


If your requests are rejected and you decide to seek employment elsewhere, rest assured that the jobs market is crying out for dedicated higher-level professionals and many organisations are willing to offer alternative working patterns and remote working in order to secure the right talent.


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