How Continual Attraction Could Be The Answer To Scaling

Many organisations only test the marketplace when they have vacancies available but by taking this approach, they could be missing a trick. In utilising a resourcing tactic known as continual attraction, businesses can become a presence in the lives of potential employees, meaning that when they have an upcoming vacancy, they have the opportunity to line up a replacement without needing to advertise.

This tactic, when employed correctly, can save an organisation time and money, even allowing for a handover period between the outgoing and incoming employees. This can also reduce the training burden and the time it takes for the new recruit to become effective in their role.

If you are experiencing resourcing challenges, then implementing this technique into your HR strategy may well help you. There are many ways in which you could choose to employ this tactic but first, you need to be familiar with what it is and how it works.


What is continual attraction?

It is the art of attracting top talent all of the time, not just when you need to fill a vacancy. This practice takes time and effort to master but is well worth doing as the rewards can be significant.

In order to become experts at continual attraction, companies need to review their HR strategies with a focus on their employer value proposition (EVP) and exploiting as many different routes as possible to gently embed their branding, mission and values into the minds of talent operating in their field of business. There are many ways in which this can be achieved. Which one a business chooses depends on their individual preferences, available resources, the field of business they are in, and the type of talent that they wish to attract.

In many cases, businesses that are successful at continually attracting talent are those with a loyal and dedicated staff base who are happy to act as ambassadors for the company, promoting its culture and rewards at appropriate networking events and on social media.


How does it work?

In order to effectively exploit this recruitment tactic, you need to understand your target talent audience and what is important to them. For example, if you are targeting young entrants to the industry, it is likely that their priorities will be on climbing the career ladder and earning as much money as they can, so promoting the ongoing training and career development opportunities that you can provide will catch their attention. This can be in the form of existing employees providing testimonials in relevant publications or blogs or promoted via your website and other media.


Why is it so useful?

Not only does this recruitment tactic aim to directly prevent resourcing challenges from occurring in the first place, but if it is utilised effectively, it will reduce your costs, training burden and the time spent advertising and interviewing. It is also invaluable in managing scaling. If your business is rapidly collecting new clients and reaching capacity, having a talent pool of competent people wanting to work for you that you can access whenever you need to will allow you to upscale quickly and take on new business.


How does a company begin to use continual attraction?

Considerable thought and resources are required to use this tactic effectively and once you start, you will need to commit to your strategy to ensure that it is appropriate, delivering the results that you want and enabling you to meet or exceed your objectives. In some instances, you may find it easier to get started if you partner with an organisation that is an expert in talent management, that understands the industry that you are operating within, how businesses work and what motivates the candidates that you wish to attract.

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