Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in the M&E Industry: A Comprehensive Guide

Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in the M&E Industry: A Comprehensive Guide


Recruitment in the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) sector has always been a complex process. In recent times, however, it's become particularly challenging due to a range of factors including a diminishing skilled workforce, a lack of candidates in the market, and increased competition for candidates. At Cento, we specialise in providing solutions to these challenges. Here's our comprehensive guide on how to navigate and overcome them.


Understanding the Challenges


The first step to overcoming any challenge is understanding it. Let's dive deeper into the key issues:


Lack of Candidates: There is a significant skills gap in the M&E sector. This is largely due to a shortage of trained technical engineers, which is a concern echoed by industry leaders. A recent report by Engineering UK stated that the UK needs an additional 1.8 million engineers and technically qualified people by 2025 to meet demand.


Diminishing Skilled Workforce: There is a generational shift happening in the industry. Many skilled engineers are nearing retirement, and there are not enough younger, trained engineers entering the workforce to replace them. This is leading to a diminishing skilled workforce.


Competition for Candidates: With fewer skilled candidates and increased demand, there is fierce competition among companies to attract and retain the best talent. This competition can often turn into a bidding war, making recruitment even more challenging.


Developing a Recruitment Strategy

Having a robust recruitment strategy in place is key to overcoming these challenges. Here are some strategies we at Cento recommend:


Understand the Job Market: Understand the skill sets that are in demand in your industry and region. This will allow you to tailor your recruitment strategy and highlight the skills you need in job postings.


Enhance Your Employer Brand: With competition for candidates increasing, having a strong employer brand can help you stand out. Showcase your company culture, values, and what sets you apart from other employers in the M&E sector.


Invest in Training and Development: To combat the skills shortage, invest in training and upskilling programs for your existing workforce. This not only helps bridge the skills gap but also improves employee satisfaction and retention.


Work With a Specialist Recruitment Agency: Partner with a recruitment agency that specialises in the M&E industry. At Cento, we understand the specific challenges faced by the industry and can help you attract and retain the best talent.


At Cento, we specialise in global staffing and recruitment solutions for the M&E industry. Our goal is to provide a solution that enables your business to scale and grow by sourcing the best talent from engineers to senior management and C-suite roles. Whether you're a small, medium, or large-sized business, we can help you navigate the recruitment challenges and find the right talent for your team.


Market Statistics:


  • The M&E industry is facing a skills shortage. According to a report by the Engineering Council, the UK is facing a shortage of 1.8 million engineers by 2025. This is due to several factors, including the retirement of baby boomers, the increasing complexity of engineering projects, and the lack of interest in engineering from young people.


  • The recruitment process for M&E roles can be long and complex. This is because M&E roles often require a high level of technical expertise, and candidates need to be able to demonstrate their skills and experience through a variety of assessments.


  • The cost of recruiting for M&E roles can be high. This is because M&E roles often require a high level of expertise, and companies need to use a variety of recruitment channels to reach the right candidates.


  • The average time to fill an M&E role is 12 weeks. This is longer than the average time to fill a role in other industries.


  • The average cost of recruiting for an M&E role is £5,000. This is higher than the average cost of recruiting for a role in other industries.


  • The M&E industry is expected to grow by 2.5% in 2023. This growth is expected to create more demand for M&E professionals.