Take steps now, to improve your talent search success going forward

An issue that is often faced in the resourcing sector is a skill shortage; there are too few experienced and specialised experts and too many spaces where that experience and skill is desperately needed, and this is especially true within the building services industry.

The challenge facing clients is that those much-needed skilled people who are already in jobs, are now even more reluctant to move due to the insecurities which have been bought about because of the pandemic, which made a challenging recruitment market even more challenging.

In some cases, there simply aren’t enough qualified candidates – and the skilled individuals in the sector are spread too thinly or end up doing two roles to support their employers.

With competition for skilled candidates in niche sectors within the building services industry at an all time high, organisations need to make sure their recruitment strategies are right. There are many resources to help research appropriate salary offers, such as CWJobs, JobServe, TotalJobs and, best of all, LinkedIn. However, while salary is an important factor, it isn’t necessarily the decisive one.


So what steps should you be taking now to improve your talent search success going forward?

Consider the other significant priorities, over and above salary, and shout about them in your job listings.

Values and culture

The ethics and policies of their employers and a work culture which embraces and encourages diversity, inclusion, environmental responsibility and social justice is far more attractive than a company which is perceived to be pursuing profit without compassion.

Personal and professional development

A job is no longer just a job. It is part of a delicate work-life balance which candidates expect to contribute in positive ways to their well-being and their future. They spend vast amounts of their time at work so they are looking for more than remuneration.

Flexible/Remote working

Even before the covid-19 lockdowns, flexible working hours were becoming popular. The events of the past two years have shown that remote working, while not perfect, is entirely feasible. The sky did not fall in. So offering a mix of flexitime and remote working is becoming practically standard.


Look for more than just technical expertise; soft skills are just as important.

Skills to look for include strong communication, organisation, creativity, analytical and critical thinking, as well as persistence and determination. A candidate with these skills can have a huge impact on the development and success of your project.

Make sure you have support and regular communication processes in place between you and your contractors.

The pandemic has undoubtedly had one of the biggest impacts on mental health and well being that we have ever seen. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported in 2021 that we are seeing an increase of more than double the number of adults experiencing depression than before the pandemic, from 10% to 21%.

The working landscape has changed as we know it and shows no sign of ever returning to how it was, with more and more people working from home and planning to continue to do so, especially contractors. This means, with staff working remotely organisations must ensure they have the right support functions in place to be able to notice the signs that someone may not be coping, with regular check-ins and video calls scheduled.


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