The Rise Of Medium-Sized M&E Competitors: An Opportunity In Disguise

The Rise of Medium-Sized M&E Competitors: An Opportunity in Disguise


The landscape of the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) industry is evolving, and with it, new opportunities are emerging. One such opportunity is the rise of medium-sized M&E competitors, who are beginning to challenge the status quo traditionally dominated by a handful of large service providers. At Cento, we see this as an exciting opportunity rather than a threat, here's why.


Emerging Dissatisfaction with Large Providers


Larger M&E service providers have diversified their service offerings over the years, expanding into various sectors to provide a complete range of services. However, this broad approach can sometimes lead to a diluted service offering. Many customers have voiced dissatisfaction with these providers, citing a lack of skill and intimacy of service. As a result, a gap has emerged in the market for providers that can offer both technical expertise and a tailored approach to service.


A Shift in the Market


This dissatisfaction with larger providers has triggered a shift in the market. More and more customers are beginning to favour medium-sized competitors, who often provide a higher level of service and expertise, particularly when it comes to specialist M&E services.


In contrast to larger providers, medium-sized companies often possess the knowledge, skill, and infrastructure to self-deliver specialist M&E services without the need to subcontract. This enables them to provide a higher level of service quality and consistency, something that is increasingly valued by customers.


Harnessing the Potential


So, how can medium-sized M&E businesses maximise this opportunity? Firstly, it's important to understand and showcase your strengths. This might include your technical expertise, close customer relationships, and ability to offer bespoke services.


However, it's not just about understanding what makes you stand out. It's also about having the right talent on board to deliver on your promises. That's where strategic recruitment becomes critical.


At Cento, we understand the challenges our customers face when it comes to recruitment: the lack of candidates in the market, the diminishing skilled workforce, and the fierce competition for talent. As a specialist talent solutions partner for the M&E industry, we can help you navigate these challenges and find the right talent to help your business thrive.


We offer global staffing and recruitment solutions that allow your business to scale and grow. We specialise in everything from engineer to senior management and C-suite roles. Our expertise lies in understanding the unique needs and culture of your business, enabling us to match the best talent in the market with your specific requirements.


Looking Ahead

The rise of medium-sized M&E competitors is reshaping the industry landscape, offering an opportunity for businesses to capitalise on their strengths and provide a service that large providers often struggle to match. By focusing on their unique selling points and investing in strategic recruitment, medium-sized M&E businesses are well-positioned to seize this opportunity and achieve sustainable growth.


As your strategic recruitment partner, Cento, is here to help you capitalise on this opportunity. We understand the dynamics of the M&E industry and are committed to helping you find the talent you need to excel in this evolving market.


Market Statistics:

  • The number of medium-sized M&E businesses has increased by 20% in the past five years.
  • Medium-sized M&E businesses now account for 35% of the market share.
  • Medium-sized M&E businesses are winning more contracts than ever before.


There are a few reasons for the rise of medium-sized M&E competitors. These include:


  • The increasing complexity of M&E projects. Medium-sized businesses are better able to handle the complexity of these projects than smaller businesses.
  • The growing demand for M&E services. The UK government is investing heavily in infrastructure, and this is creating demand for M&E services.
  • The availability of skilled workers. Medium-sized businesses are better able to attract and retain skilled workers than smaller businesses.


The rise of medium-sized M&E competitors is a challenge for large M&E businesses. Large businesses need to find ways to compete with medium-sized businesses to maintain their market share. Some of the ways that large businesses can compete with medium-sized businesses include:


  • Focusing on innovation. Large businesses can develop new technologies and services that give them a competitive edge.
  • Investing in training. Large businesses can train their employees to develop the skills that are needed to compete with medium-sized businesses.
  • Working with partners. Large businesses can partner with medium-sized businesses to share resources and expertise.


The rise of medium-sized M&E competitors is a sign of a healthy industry. It is a challenge for large M&E businesses, but it is also an opportunity for them to innovate and improve.