Top 5 Tips On Attracting Top Talent When It Comes To Executive Hiring

When it comes to successful executive hiring, company culture is more important than ever. After all, talented execs know that they can go and work anywhere. And, increasingly, salary is unlikely to be the only thing that matters to them. Talented people want to work at companies with great cultures and the opportunity to grow and progress.


So these top tips will help you to take your culture forwards and make it as attractive as possible:



Do whatever you can to ensure your company culture stands out, and sell a lifestyle as far as possible (1). If you have a strong volunteering culture, promote it. If you encourage training, development and support efforts to progress, explain how. If you offer flexibility and other perks, really market them as part of your employer brand. Cento can help you to define your employer brand so that your key messages really resonate with your target executive search audience.



Always know exactly what your business needs, and be able to pinpoint the right people to meet these needs. As part of this, you must optimise your recruitment process so that it is efficient, slick and gives the right impression of your business. Remember, your target exec will have their first experience of your company via this process (2).



Simply recruiting on an immediate ‘as needed’ basis keeps your business in a stressful fight or flight position. Invest in a continuous recruitment system that operates throughout the year, nurturing talent, engaging with prospects and communicating clearly and regularly about forthcoming opportunities. This helps successful matches to be made over time and allows your business to build up a strong, beneficial and trusted relationship with talented individuals – even if they don’t immediately join your business (2).

As part of this, your business should invest in employer branding initiatives that bring it to life on LinkedIn, via events, via networking and targeted communications, to really make it an enticing and interesting company that the best candidates want to work for (3).



When you’re ready to make that offer, make it good and make it fast! Respect the candidates value and make a competitive offer, whilst playing up the benefits of working in your business – such as leadership, development, responsibilities, opportunities for progression, exciting projects, autonomy and so forth.



Forward-thinking businesses with a clear commitment to securing executive talent invariably work with excellent executive search firms to optimise their recruitment of those
elusive top-tier recruits. Cento can ensure that you see a real return from your recruitment activity at this top level. For example, our executive search function offers more than just a ‘CV Service’; rather a cohesive and integrated, holistic recruitment strategy for exec level hires, targeted to your business and measured for success.

When you choose Cento as your exclusive talent solutions provider, you gain access to the best talent managers, market insight, tech - including AI, video interview platforms
and more. You also gain access to the largest candidate pool of on and ‘in’ market executive talent in the engineering, manufacturing and energy sectors.

We deliver candidates that deliver results, and we evidence our successes at every step of the way to prove our added value to your business!



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