Why improving your hiring strategies and processes is a good investment

A business is nothing without its people, but how do you best go about recruiting and then retaining and deploying those people? How do you make sure that the people you're hiring are the right ones for the roles you are seeking to fill? How confident are you that your hiring strategies are going to deliver results in the most efficient and effective way?


Many businesses are beginning to understand that managing their own HR function with regards to hiring is outdated, expensive and time-consuming and are looking for alternatives. Often, outsourcing the recruitment function to a dedicated recruitment agency can deliver better results than can be achieved in-house, offering more flexibility and better value for money.


In order to achieve your business goals, you need to employ the right recruitment strategies to ensure that you have the right people in the right posts at the right time. For this to be successful, you first need to know where and for how long you need to deploy people. Again, your hiring strategies are critical for achieving this aim as late recruitment, high turnover or permanent employees in positions where they are not required will affect your bottom line.


There are many ways to improve your recruitment strategy:


1 - You could rely on internal recruitment and referrals to make best use of existing employees. In a large organisation, this strategy often works well as internal candidates generally have a good understanding of the business, its culture, processes and tools, so they require less time and training to become effective. They are also helpful for bringing other good candidates into the business and supporting them in becoming effective. If you're not sure where your best people are or how to develop them to achieve their full potential, Cento Intelligent Resource Solutions can help, offering staff engagement programmes designed to retain and deploy your best people by supporting their development and career progression needs.


2 - You could outsource your recruitment needs. Cento is a dedicated recruitment specialist in the building services sector, offering bespoke hiring solutions to support your business to achieve its full potential. We are a market leader, long-established in building services and verticals, so we understand your recruitment needs. We strive to develop a partnership with our clients, to fully immerse ourselves in their culture to build appropriate hiring strategies, ensuring that we not only source the highest quality talent but also that that talent is the right fit for the business and its objectives.


3 - Using the right recruitment software not only makes life easier, reducing errors and minimises duplication of effort, but when exploited fully, it allows recruitment drives to be appropriately planned, targeted, marketed, and delivered end-to-end in the most streamlined and effective way. Cento Intelligent Resource Solutions offer a wide range of fully market-tested tools and software which are available to all of our partner companies, including but not limited to recruiting video platforms, IR35 solutions and AI resourcing. As specialists in this field, we also provide you with market intelligence, reporting and mapping of the candidate landscape, which includes salary benchmarking.


If you are considering a building services recruitment campaign but are not sure where to begin, let Cento Recruitment help. We know that a good recruitment strategy and process is vital in order to recruit and retain the top talent that your business needs. As talent acquisition experts, we can support and guide you to improve existing employee engagement as well as bringing in new talent, on a temporary or permanent basis as dictated by your individual circumstances. We have a dedicated pool of niche sector experts who will support you from branding and marketing your vacancies right through to supporting and advising during the interview process.


We offer discovery sessions that allow us to get to know your business and requirements, enabling us to tailor our solutions to support you in achieving your business goals. To book a discovery session, please use our contact information, shown below.


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