When Is A Good Time To Get Career Advice?

It is important to access career advice periodically throughout your working life, to ensure that you are setting yourself realistic goals and targets and that you are on the right trajectory to achieve them. Most large organisations aim to have an annual performance appraisal with each of their staff which should include an assessment of performance and plans for further career development in order to achieve their aims and objectives. However, these sessions tend to be targeted toward the needs of the organisation rather than the needs of the individual.


Some people believe that career advice is only necessary at the start of your working life but it is all too easy, especially when you're in a job that you love, for the years to drift past before realising that your career hasn't progressed. In some cases, this isn't an issue and for many, a temporary career lull may be intentional to allow for family life or further training. Others, however, may feel as though they have hit a glass ceiling, and this can be demotivating and demoralising. We change as we mature and what you thought you wanted to do when you left school may no longer fulfil you.


When you feel that you need a change, it is important to seek career advice from someone more experienced than you, who understands your field of expertise, the business you are in and is genuinely interested in helping you to progress. There are plenty of people who are keen to give advice but choosing the right person to mentor you is vital if you wish to succeed and achieve your self-set goals. These goals do not necessarily need to be purely career based - they might involve achieving a more comfortable work-life balance, the option to work with greater autonomy or to pursue a different field entirely.


The great thing about a career in facilities management or building service management (BSM) is that there are such a wide variety of roles available, all with slightly different perks, responsibilities, and oversight. So, if you are working for an organisation which encompasses many different roles in its project or service delivery, there is a good chance that you will be able to find a suitable mentor among your colleagues who can help you to hone your skills.


If, however, you would prefer to seek advice from somebody entirely independent, Cento Recruitment can help you. We are resourcing specialists with a deep understanding of the BSM job market and we can help you to understand why your career hasn't necessarily progressed in the way you wanted it to, advise on training and development opportunities and even point you in the direction of more suitable employment options.


It doesn't matter whether you are fresh out of college or have been in managerial roles for years; our recruitment specialists can provide you with valuable insight and support to take your career in the right direction.


It is never too late to seek career advice in order to get on-track for a rewarding and enjoyable professional life.

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